Why I love Mondays.

I am a teacher. For a paycheck, I work at schools in my hometown. Really, as my passion, I spend ten + hours a day in a classroom with anywhere from 15-30 middle schoolers and chat with them, uplift them, encourage them, and teach them. Through the kid drama, the politics in the workplace as … More Why I love Mondays.

Be a listener.

When I was a teenager, I felt very isolated. Unique story, I know… Just bare with me, okay? I felt like no one understood what I was going through in large part because there’s this lie we tell kids about their youth being the best part of their lives. I thought my strife was out … More Be a listener.

The word that changed my life…

…gratitude. Looking back at posts chronologically on Facebook through services like “on this day” has proven really educational. Not about the world as a whole or anything grand-scheme like that, but about myself and the growth I’ve gone through since getting it when I was seventeen. I have gone through (several) self-deprecation phases, discovered and … More The word that changed my life…

I am not my hair.

“Nooooo! Don’t do that! I hate when cute girls mess up their looks.” “You’ll have to dress more girly and learn about make up and stuff” “Everyone is going to think you’re a [lesbian]” “You can’t do that! Just… don’t.” I’m not even joking, you guys. The past couple of weeks, I have gotten all … More I am not my hair.