Always in Transit.

I am twenty-seven years old.

This is the weirdest age I have EVER been (although, I suspect I’ll say that about every age ever). I have achieved more in the past couple years than I feel like should be allowed in a fairly normal life like mine… but I am admittedly still very green at a lot of duties adults handle. It’s weirder still because my peers run the gamut of “adulting” or “success”.

I know people who are married with 2.5 kids, a white picket fence, and a pet (or six).

I know people who are what my parent’s generation might (politely) call free-spirited- no home base, very few bills, no strings to tie them anywhere.

I know successful touring musicians who live fairly glamorous and dreamy lives.

I also know people who haven’t quite found their foot hold and are still waiting for adulthood to happen to them…


And everyone in between.


My point isn’t to brag about everyone I know, my point is that somewhere in that mess and muck we call life all of this happens. And right now I’m in transition. I’d bet the little money I have that you are too. I think we all are, whether we feel it or not- people need to constantly be evolving in order to thrive.

Sometimes there’s a mass of chaos, but most times it’s small day-to-day changes that feel inconsequential but add up to huge life changes eventually (hellooooooo high school). Right now (for me) it feels like there’s so much chaos I can’t keep swimming under this weight. It is mostly good, but it is ALL overwhelming. People coming in and out of my life, new professional and/or volunteer opportunities, moving out of the apartment I would have sold my first born for… and more. All happening at once. It’s hard, but I’m fighting to look at the bright side- every day I am better defining (and moving toward) my goals and dreams. It’s not the big heinous changes that are defining this portion of my life, it’s the ability to finally articulate my big three goals for the next few years (degree, 501c3, home owner), it’s officially being on the final step of my credential, it’s stepping out of my own experience to examine how others would feel in the situation.

I’m always in transit. And I’m learning to be ok with it.


❤ ~L


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