National Poetry Month… week 1

April is National Poetry Month. This year, I will be posting a poem a day (and doing my best to do so with a video of the poet reciting it). One of the reasons I love poetry is it reminds me of the best and worst of my own life while teaching me where others come from. It highlights the differences and similarities of our experiences. I have never met a majority of the artists I’m introducing to you this month, but I know their art… and it has saved my day, my month, my life more than once.

First up is G Yamazawa… who is a rapper AND a poet (and really, what’s the difference in the first place?). This is a poem I listen to on tough days with my kids, or when I’m missing them and need the reminder of why I love this job. This isn’t necessarily my favorite piece of his, but because I am in the home stretch of this year (the hardest time to both be a teacher AND to be a student) it is the most relevant.

Can’t wait to share more with you

Day two is Denice Frohman‘s “Accents”. I had a really hard time picking just one of my favorites from her. This poem could have been written by many of my students (or even my classmates from middle and high school). The pride she takes in the cultures of the ancestors who came before her is inspiring and as I embark on my own journey of learning about those who came before me, I find comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one who’s a patchwork of different cultures and loves it! But even though I relate to that part of her work, I will never know what it is to be the daughter of an immigrant. It is only through works like hers that I can learn about experiences like this. For that, I am thankful.


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