To the Women in My Life:

I used to be one of the girls trapped in the trope of “I’d rather hang out with guys than girls- girls cause too much drama and are so catty!” I was stuck there until a couple of years ago when women seemed to be the only ones bothering to pick me up from a really dark place and stitch me together.

To the women in my life: Thank you.

From the warm smiles offered in passing to long nights sharing heart-to-hearts…

Thank you.

For every time I received an unsolicited hug that strengthened my resolve against whichever challenge I was up against in that moment…

Thank you.

Because I now know what it means to be my own mix of sensitive and strong…

Thank you.

For every ignored jab, taunt, or joke made out of insecurity and presumed slights…

Thank you.

For showing me that sisterhood has less to do with rivalry and more to do with cheering each other on…

Thank you.

For providing spaces that are safe to talk about things otherwise taboo, shunned or ignored…

Thank you.


Thank you to the women in my life who have shown me by example what it means to be rebelliously yourself, my role models in the art of honesty and love for one another. I am grateful to the women who are so engrossed in the hustle that they don’t worry about the socially constructed competition we are so wholly expected to buy into. The teachers of one of my favorite lessons “you are not in competition with anyone but yourself” all happen to be female, as do my coaches in the realm of seeking personal advancement along with the balance that is essential to success.

It is because of women who have come before me in history that I have received the power that comes with casting a ballot, getting a college education, and choosing when and how I start my family. It is because of women I am lucky enough to know now that I am empowered enough to exercise those rights and so many more. It is because of the women who we are raising now and the generation I will someday be raising that I continue to educate myself and develop my craft as a teacher of more than just academics.

And to the women who have not necessarily brought light and love into my corner of the world… Thank you for teaching me the lesson of resiliency. Of self-care. Of cutting off venomous relationships… Thank you for showing me that not every day is meant to be great, but that every experience is important. Thank you for helping me discover the art of encouragement before criticism. Thank you for  exposing the friendships that were forged purely from convenience and not from loyalty or care.

And to me (the MAIN woman in my life): I’m proud of  you. Thank you for opening your eyes and seeing the incredible SHE-roes surrounding you in time to pick yourself up and start over. Thank you for saying yes to so many incredible things and opportunities. Thank you for seeing every fresh start as what it is.

Happy International Womens’ Day


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