Why I love Mondays.

I am a teacher.

For a paycheck, I work at schools in my hometown. Really, as my passion, I spend ten + hours a day in a classroom with anywhere from 15-30 middle schoolers and chat with them, uplift them, encourage them, and teach them. Through the kid drama, the politics in the workplace as well as the unrealistic expectations surrounding my field, the exhaustion that accompanies being constantly “on” for hours on end… I still love it. I love that kids will tell you exactly how you feel about them if you actually pay attention. I love that I get a million hugs a day. I love that I constantly have people in my life who care enough to ask if I’m a little down.

I even love Mondays.

Today, I was walking into school with students chatting with them about their weekend and it hit me: I was truly happy to start my work week. I’m lucky to have found a campus that feels like home- with fellow teachers and staff that consistently have my back as well as a team of administrators who work for the betterment of  everyone under their purview. I work in a school which a lot of educators I know see as challenging, and they’re not wrong. The thing they sometimes don’t realize is that every school (and every workplace, really) comes with a unique set of challenges, the integral part of establishing yourself and finding the right place is to find the set of challenges that engage you and wake you up.

I love Mondays because they bring with them an entire world of challenges I can work with and through. And they bring me back to the career I love. I’m so lucky.

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