You are my favorite

When I was younger, I had people who were friends of convenience- we were mandated by law to be in the same place together for 6+ hours a day, 5 days a week so of course we bonded. My friends seemed to be my entire life- some of them were amazing and true to me, but a lot were considered friends simply because we didn’t have much other choice than to get along.

As I continue to grow as a person, I have started recognizing what I look for in other people. My circles of friends have revolutionized a few times, shrinking, expanding, shifting, and shrinking again. My true circle of friends is actually pretty small now, but each one of them is a best friend. In cutting down the superfluous and draining relationships in my life, I have freed up my heart to be able to dig deeper with each of my loved ones. We know each others dreams, hopes, loves, fears, and humor. Yeah, there’s less people to fill my time during empty afternoons but that also means I have the time and attention span to meander in my own self and get to know who I am without worrying about anyone else’s opinion.

When I started thinking about this post and how I wanted to write it, I was brainstorming a long statement piece against being a crappy friend. As I dwelled more and more in my resentment of past friends who I don’t really speak to anymore, I was whisked away by the incredible human beings I’m lucky enough to call friends. These people who willingly follow me out of their comfort zones (or enthusiastically drag me out of mine), who never leave any question how they love me, who don’t worry about my time spent away from them (and my phone) working towards my goals, who feel like home whether they’re three miles down the street or halfway across the world…

Have I been screwed over? Yes. Have I screwed people over? Probably. It’s all been so incredibly worth it when I turn to someone and say with absolute conviction and love, “I am so blessed in the friendship department.” and only receive an understanding nod in response. If I call you my friend, the title means something to me. Out of seven billion people on the planet, I invite you into my heart. You are my favorite- and you are in good company. 1477430_10153131570076076_8335038543417607447_n


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