And in this moment… I am content.

20150717_201848[1]WOW! What a week!

I have been going non-stop since Monday. I have done so many cool things, crazy things, adult-y things, and quiet things this week. Most of them revolved somehow around realizing what incredible human beings I have in my life.

Some days I look around and wonder how exactly I gained the caliber of friendships I currently have in my life… Today I look around and realize that it is only through careful cultivation, honest discourse, and genuine care that I have founded and maintained these ties to such outstanding humans. I do not pretend that I am the only one with a say in how our friendships go, but I am the one to dictate how I act on this side of things. I also get to choose who stays in my life, which means that I need to figure out how I want to move through this world, and keep those around  who help me do that, while being unafraid to lose those who don’t support me in who I am and what I want to do.

Let me tell you about some of my friends:

– A friend of mine that I went to high school (yet ironically only really befriended last year) stopped by to hang out while I got ready for the second half of the video shoot for HLM, but ended up having a pretty deep heart-to-heart with my mom, then called me when we parted ways so we could chat and catch up while we were driving to our respective destinations.

-Another friend needed a ride from the airport and as a thank you, I got time with her, sushi lunch, and got to hang with her family and their pups. THEN I got to spend the day on Thursday playing in the river with her, her kiddos, and another friend’s absolutely fantastic fur baby.

-I got the chance to play, dance, hug, and have girl chat with multiple different friends from the music scene on Wednesday night, and I made the absolute best of it, trust me.

-Also on Wednesday, I had several coffee, dinner, and lunch meet ups with best friends and got to have deep and honest conversations- my favorite kind.

-One my best friends in the world came with me today on an adventure (that turned into a bigger adventure than intended), and allowed me to talk about boys, stresses, jokes, drama, and beautiful goings-on in my life… then allowed me to forget all about it and sing to nineties boy-band pop (dramatically) without any judgement.

Please, I don’t care what you’re doing right now, PLEASE grab your phone, text a friend who you appreciate and tell them that you do. Here, I’ll start: I appreciate you for reading this and trusting me to tell you my truth. Thank you. ❤

Much love,


PS- if there was a way to put into words the smiles I’ve seen on loved ones, and worn as a result of newly shared memories, I promise I’d try. Until next time…


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